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Illusion Of The apprentice

Posted by balum on October 28, 2008

I’m flying with the silent sun behind me

When every grass seems too green

When the water seems to blue

No limitation no orientation

Just the realization of illusions

Sky singing for me

That wakes me up in another side of dream

When every grass wilting

And the water effervescing

No limitation No direction

Just the realization of another illusion

Suffer thirst in middle of lake

No shore but horizon

No wind but pain

No water but fire

Too much deception Without limitation

And illusion raises my desire

Turn off that light

Let this silence embracing me

Drowning in this garden

Gravity laid me in emptiness

Makes my mind blowing away

And let the illusions shepherding

In eternal blindness


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The taste of rainbow

Posted by balum on October 18, 2008

in this bright and clear midnight

i can reach and grab a rainbow in my hand

there’s no rain before

just cigarettes and it friends accompany  me and couple of my friends

my friend give the rainbow to me

for the first time i can taste the rainbow

it has different taste every time we try it

we swallow it to much

i don’t know taste of my cigarette anymore

spend my last rainbow

and fawn to the bath room

too much..

i expell it

cross in my mind to try recycle rainbow

thanks god i didn’t do that

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